We are not currently looking for submissions. Our next volume of Crooked Holster is planned for later in 2018. Keep an eye out on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on themes and submission dates.

We generally look for your work in the following categories.

1) Prose fiction not exceeding 2,500 words

2) Flash fiction of up to 500 words

3) Poetry. We suggest you submit no more than three poems (or around 120 lines), but we will happily look at more.

Excerpts from a longer piece of work, such as a novel will be accepted as long as they are self-contained and accompanied by a short synopsis.

We are only able to accept submissions by email and written in the English language. However pieces written in dialects of the British isles are very welcome.

We are seeking work which has been previously unpublished, however if your work has been previously published in part or in full, please include details of the previous publication and confirm that you retain all copyright and permission for the work. As we are unable to offer remuneration, we understand that writers must seek the most beneficial outlet for their work, but we are keen to work alongside you to resolve these issues.

Authors will retain copyright to works published in Crooked Holster.

Crooked Holster is run by volunteer editors and is sold on a non-profit basis. As a result we are currently unable to offer remuneration, although all successful contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

When making your submission, please include a brief third person biography in your covering email and attach files in .doc or .docx format.



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